Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My grandma, grandpa, and I took the long, back road to downtown Nashville today. My grandpa has wanted to go that way for quite some time now, especially since he knew I had never traveled that particular route, and he continued to claim that he was sure he knew the way even if he had not taken this route in 30 some odd years. I told him when he first mentioned it that I would drive us to Nashville on his route, and finally, since I had time (and I now have a TomTom navigation system!), we took off this morning! It was really great to see different scenery that the ol' standby I-40 doesn't provide. And needless to say, it made my grandpa happy, and I love spending time out and about with them. I was able to show them a lot of downtown Nashville, a place they hadn't visited in years. Maybe next time I can show them the area up close, rather than through the glass of the car's windows.

Another plus of this trip- we ended up driving by a small shopping center with the two stores I had been wanting to visit, Target and Marshall's. I'm a Target fiend. I can hardly leave the store until I have scoured every shelf and walked on every linoleum tile (ok, I'm exaggerating... a little bit). I like Marshall's, too, and I bought a couple pair of jeans today, which is neither here nor there as the saying goes.

The real exciting part of the shopping excursion was the start I was able to make on my 101 in 1001 list. I purchased some post-it notes (adorable ones at that), a Disney coloring book, and a 750 piece Disney puzzle. (Yes, I am Disney obsessed and not ashamed.) And I left an Operation Beautiful note for some unknown person to find. I hope they are inspired. :) I also received my "Wreck This Journal" journal in the mail, which looks absolutely awesome.

I'm so excited (and maybe a bit giddy)!

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